Set Up A Wallet

If you don't have a wallet, WeiFund will help you generate a new wallet and back it up. Your wallet has a 12-word seed phrase that represents the private key. Anyone who has this phrase can access your wallet, so store it safely. You can also save a digital backup that will be encrypted with a password you choose.

If you already have a wallet in Metamask or Jaxx, you can paste your seed phrase into WeiFund to reuse that wallet. If you have an encrypted lightwallet backup file from another Ethereum app, WeiFund can open that file to reuse it.

Get Ether

WeiFund contributions are paid in ether, the currency of the Ethereum blockchain. The Ethereum network also collects a small fee (usually less than 0.10 USD) to send transactions. We recommend using Coinbase to buy ether. From there, you can send the ether to your lightwallet address.

For some people in certain jurisdictions or for those wanting to acquire a larger amount of ether, you may want to use one of these exchanges:

Fund a Campaign

Now that you have funds in your account to contribute to a campaign, you can use WeiFund to send the funds to the campaign.

  1. Open the page for the campaign.
  2. Click "Back this Project."
  3. Create or restore a wallet as described above.
  4. Enter an amount of ether to contribute.
  5. Review and confirm your contribution.
  6. Save and/or print your contribution receipt.

Claim a Refund

If a campaign has failed, WeiFund allows users to claim a refund. If you have contributed to a campaign that has failed, you can collect your refund by following the process below:

  1. Open the page for the campaign you contributed to that failed to meet its goal.
  2. Click “Claim Refund Owed.”
  3. Review and confirm your refund.
  4. Once the two refund transactions have been processed, your funds will be available.