Create a Campaign

Creating a new campaign is currently a manual process that the WeiFund team performs for our clients. Choose a beneficiary to receive the funds, a goal amount to raise, an optional maximum amount to raise, and how many tokens you'd like the campaign to issue.

A beneficiary is the recipient of funds from a successful campaign on Weifund. Beneficiaries are addresses on Ethereum that represent either an externally owned account controlled by a single private key, or another smart contract that controls access to the collected funds. Funds are typically stored in the campaign smart contracts until the campaign ends.


To transfer the funds from a campaign to its beneficiary, a payout transaction must be sent to the campaign smart contract system. Only the owner of the beneficiary account can withdraw the campaign funds.

The beneficiary account is typically a multisignature contract. Generate the payout transaction, obtain the required signatures, and send the transaction to the network.

Handling the Unexpected

If something has gone wrong with your campaign, the beneficiary can choose to withdraw all funds from the campaign contract at any time by sending a payout transaction from the beneficiary account.